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Personalized Chinese Medicine in Boise, Idaho
Kristina Katinka offers a unique combination of traditional and non-traditional Chinese Medicine. This includes Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Non-needle techniques include Tuina (Chinese Massage and Acupressure), Sound Healing, Magnet Therapy and Pulse Balancing. Nutritional Counseling is also available. Current clinical focus includes the following:

Women’s Health

  PMS Insomnia  
  Menstrual Disorders Fatigue  
  Night Sweats Headaches  
  Menopause Maternity Support  
  Postpartum Care for
Mother and Infant

Emotional Disorders

  Depression Irritability  

Children’s Health

  Digestive Disorders Hyperactivity  
  Impaired Immunity Anxiety  
  Repeat Infections    

General Problems

  Allergies Chronic Pain  
  Impaired Immunity  Stress  
  Digestive Disorders  Smoking Cessation  

Also Featuring:
Facial Acupuncture Renewal and Herbal Therapies
(An Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery)

  Minimize Facial Lines such as crow’s feet and smile lines    
  Lift Sagging Skin    
  Repair Dry and Damaged Skin    
  Return Skin Radiance    
  Minimize Scar Tissue    
  Clear Acne Flare Ups    


Health Talks

To schedule Kristina as a guest speaker for your event, please call (208)-412-5412

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